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👁WITCHTIPS & HOROSCOPES👁 The second eclipse is here! While we wait for the lunar eclipse to occur on the 16th, we still have to overcome this week’s astrological transits that trigger the intense luminary. We kick off this week with a gentle and dreamy connection between the Cancer Sun and Neptune, who is retrograde in Pisces, on the 11th. Later in the day, Mars, who is fired up in Leo, galvanizes rebellious Uranus, who is currently in earthy Taurus, and healing asteroid Chiron, who is retrograde rambunctious Aries. Mars is stirring the celestial pot on the 11th, creating passionate arguments and shocking revolts. While we may think that we are doing ourselves good by using Chiron’s healing hand to help mend past wounds, we are actually hurting others by triggering their past upsets in order to make ourselves feel better. The cosmic showdown continues all week, hitting the high notes on the 14th and the 16th. •Read More about the intensity of this week’s celestial showdown with our professional astrologer @lisastardustastro at www.thehoodwitch.com #horoscopes #witchtips #witchesofinstagram #brujasofinstagram #zodiac #astrology #astrologersofinstagram

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nope, not feeling this one bit 👈🏻LIES
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Spot on for this Aries 🎯
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@missjojo0407 you should follow this account
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Love it!💕
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♋️ spot on✨✨
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Ahhh feck
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@marleahpaige That’s a lot. Lol
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What is the artwork title and creator?
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@akarai1908 this is the astrology page I was telling you about
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I can't...
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@ingaklein she has an online shop, too
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You’re tips are everythingggg idk where id go if my gf didn’t tell me about your page !!!
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So glad I have this page to help make sense of it all ✨
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Amazing art🔥