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When my friend @trevor_bacon1, seen here showing off his amazing free diving skills, asked me if @sealegacy could help save oceanic white tip sharks, I didn’t know much about why these sharks have gone from being the most abundant predator on our planet to a mere 10% of their population. Turns out that thousands of these sharks are caught accidentally on long lines intended for tuna. If you knew you could save them by not not eating tuna, would you? Such a simple action can have massive effect if we all make a choice to act! #turningthetide with @moorecharitable #gettingofftuna

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1 week ago
Well I never knew that! I will stay away from tuna fish and get sardines instead. I'm assuming that just because it says that the tuna is 'dolphin friendly' means nothing about the shark's? Thanks again for your post's!!
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1 week ago
@cliffythepost dogs don’t need tuna!
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1 week ago
Very nice👏
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1 week ago
awesome photography 🙌✨ hope u like my photography page ✨✨❣️
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1 week ago
I no longer eat any fish because of how destructive the commercial fishing industry is. The amount of by-catch is mind boggling. Such a terrible waste of precious marine life. Not to mention all the discarded nets polluting the oceans and continuing to kill sea life for years afterwards.
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1 week ago
@maliapere we will get this shot!
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1 week ago
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1 week ago
Wow your photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing! 😘
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1 week ago
I am just wondering if doing sardines or salmon is any better or if the catching of them harm other animals as well. 🤷‍♀️
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1 week ago
Marvelous photo!
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1 week ago
Absolutely no tuna! Not a problem. Are sardines an ok option?
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1 week ago
Great post, if everyone in developed countries cut back on their seafood consumption (esp big fish and unsustainable fisheries like shrimp) it could really help reduce the pressure on the oceans! I stopped eating tuna and any large game fish a couple of years ago, but even if people just reduced by 25% or 50% that still makes a huge difference. I think people get too hung up on whether you have to go full vegetarian (or fully off tuna), or not, and that stops them from taking action...but you don't have to...just reducing makes a huge difference if a lot of people do it!
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1 week ago
Have años que no compro ni como atún, aunque era común de niña comer sandwiches de atún. Me gustan mucho tus fotografías y las historias que las acompañan.
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1 week ago
Cats could eat turkey or chicken plenty of that. Leave the tuna in the sea.
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1 week ago
At our cafe we don’t serve any tuna whatsoever. We have even added an important statement to our menu, explaining why we won’t serve tuna, in the hope that it educates people to stop eating it.
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1 week ago
Appreciate everything you do Cristina
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1 week ago
Congrats for the shots and, overall, for the aim!!📸👏🏽
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1 week ago
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1 week ago
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1 week ago
M'agrada la tonyina però ho intentaré...
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1 week ago
This is an awesome shot📸🔥
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1 week ago
@kanewski1972 👍🙏
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1 day ago
The second photo is so amazing 😍