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Excited to be a part of this project with all the top Artistes of Indian Classical & World Music. Thankful to Vidwan Dr. @mysoremanjunath Ji for involving me in this. #yoga #healing #anthem #music #exercise #body #health #mentalhealth #wellness #theworldsbest #world #top #musicians #artistes #instalike #instacool #instagram #instamusic #instavideo #instafollow #instadaily #instafamous #instaartist

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https://youtu.be/R1AR-5CZ4FY "Yoganiyoga" India's Yoga Anthem Production: Centre for Soft Power, Heritage, India Foundation, Indic Academy www.centerforsoftpower.org For Free Audio download! Visit: www.centerforsoftpower.org Concept: Vijayalakshmi Vijayakumar Composed in Raga Bharata by Mysore Dr M. Manjunath Global Artistes: Ronu Majumdar – Bansuri Mysore Manjunath – Violin Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha - Vocal Dhrupad Bombay Jayasri - Carnatic Vocal Vijay Prakash – Carnatic Vocal Sanjeev Abhyankar – Hindustani Vocal Jayanthi Kumaresh - Veena Rafique Khan –Sitar Ramdas Palsule – Tabla B C Manjunath – Mridangam and Konnakol N Amrit – Khanjira Giridhar Udupa – Ghatam Gurumurthy Vaidya - Pakhawaj Alice Barron – Violin, London Ned McGovan – Flute, Holland Fulvio Sigurta - Trumpet, Italy Keiko Shichijo – Piano, Japan Trina Basu - Violin, Canada Arun Ramamurthy- Violin, USA Team Raadha Kalpa: Dance direction and choreography: Rukmini Vijayakumar Dancers : Padmashree K S Prithika Krishnakumar Sandhya Muralidharan Anusha HP Production and costumes : Ramya Kadambi, Sahana Shivanand Team Yoganiyoga Co-ordination: Aparna Sridhar Lyrics: Shatavadhaani Dr. R Ganesh Music Composer: Dr. Mysore Manjunath Compiled & Arranged: Praveen D Rao Mixed & Mastered: Ashwin Prabhath Audio Recording: Prabhath Studio, Bangalore Cameraman: Anup J Kat Director: Sharan Ranjit Assistant Director: Staj Soften Editing: Nithin Francis Video Studio: Sugar Short Studio Support & Encouragement: Dr. H R Nagendra (Yoga Sri & Padma Sri) Chancellor SVYASA Yoga University