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#EarthCapture by @mogenstrolle in the Son Tra Nature Reserve. The red-shanked douc is a species of Old World monkey, and is one of the most colourful primates - this is why they are known as the “Queen of primates”. Even the inside of its thigh is pink! 💕 . . . . #bbcearth #monkey #vietnam #nature #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #amazinganimals #wildlife #planetearth #earthlovers #earth

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6 days ago
My curioso 😮
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6 days ago
Wow 🤗
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6 days ago
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6 days ago
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6 days ago
what amazing colours!
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6 days ago
صح عيدك م
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6 days ago
Hey Guys, I hope it will get noticed by people here. I would love your feedback on my Photography, good or bad, feel free 🔥it’s difficult to have an honest opinion about your own work. So I decided to receive opinions from the side Thank you! 📸
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5 days ago
What an interesting face! So colorful and vibrant! ❤️
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5 days ago
How pretty💞
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5 days ago
Roasted marshmallow face monkey 🐵 😂
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5 days ago
It's majestic 😍
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4 days ago
@s.___204r this lil cute monkey look same like u 😂😂♥️
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3 days ago
@hunterdunlow that makes me want to be a monkey !
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3 days ago
@zahratbtb95 بانو زهرا شما مجرد هستید؟ میشه اکسپت کنید تا بیشتر باهاتون آشنا بشم، خیلی دوست تون دارم
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2 days ago
👸 🐒
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1 day ago
@espostonick you when your 60. Still trying to be tanned but realizing ur summer body will never be back
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3 hours ago
@choi_seung_hyun_tttop Look who is just chilling here..