Ryan Noonan: The Lost Art 3 weeks ago @niceguyry


144 of 365: Surely not the first one to think or say this, but nostalgia is very comforting when life slips you a rough patch. Popped into @spacecadetsvintage to clear my head and was gifted another beauty in a long line of them: icons, symbols, and type from old Fisher Price toys. This one tattooed the door of a seaplane from the 70s ( I think) and was an oft used standard on loads of their outdoors toys. Cool thing about this is the slight similarity to the original LEGO tree, which had the coolest cross section of horizontal branches when viewed in profile. Takes me right back to my cousins’ playroom in 1981. Love it. Thanks for the help, FP. #vintagefisherprice #fisherpricevintage #icons #treesofinstagram #modernistlogos #modernism #redandgreen #graphicdesign #treeartwork #1970s

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